Fairfax County Trail Plan and Crosspointe

Fairfax county maintains a long term trail plan for planning purposes.  The current (2002) County Trail plan can be found here.  I have zoomed in on the county plan in the Crosspointe area as shown here:

I overlaid trails that are present in the Crosspointe area with the county Trail plan.

There are 3 inconsistancies in Crosspointe with the current county trail plan.  They are shown above with yellow shading.
1.   The southern trail that intersects with Meadow Edge Terrace cannot follow the proposed route because there are houses that exist directly on the proposed trail.
2. On the southwestern border of Crosspointe with Route 123, there is proposed trail that runs parallel to rt 123 on Crosspointe property. This is not the trail directly alongside rt 123.  This trail stops on Larkview Court. It would be very difficult to continue this trail past its current end point as shown on the plan since it terminates into peoples yards and there is a noise barrier wall stopping the trail. In addition, putting a lot of work into continuing this trail when the Rt 123 trail is only 80 feet away seems wasteful.

3. On the eastern section of Crosspointe near Silverview drive, there is a trail shown running generally northeast. This trail cannot follow the proposed path because there hare houses that exist on the proposed path.

The 2002 plan is based on the 1986 trail plan that is found here.  It appears that when the 2002 plan was issued, it did not account for homes that were added to the area.