Fairfax County VA Trails

Fairfax County has a new trails map!!  You can find it at


It is a great resource, and wonderful step in the right direction.  I have a few issues and recommendations about the site:

  • Lots of trails are missing. 
  • The bike plan has a lot of conflicts with the out of date trail plan here.
  • There should be a "report a problem" button. Ideally, you could take a picture of a problem with your phone and have it go to the county.
  • It would be nice to be able to see your current location on your smart phone.


 Lets hope the site keeps moving forward.


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I update this website periodically, but not continually. If you have any comments you can contact me at the address below.


Include something about trails in the subject or I will likely delete it as spam.


If there is a problem with a Crosspointe trail, contact the community manager at www.crosspointe.info.


The Fairfax County website to notify them of trail problems is HERE.